Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today I went to the Mediterranean Sea for the first time ever!! It was probably the funnest day I have had so far on my trip. We all took vans to Tel Aviv and were dropped off right on the beach. It was pretty much right in the middle of the city though. The weather was perfect and not too hot. The water was beautiful and really warm. We also went to a shop just across the street and got some great gelato. Other than getting super sunburned, it was a really awesome day! Here are some pics...


  1. I'm so completely jealous! Maybe I can convince Ben that we should come and pick you up at the end of the semester...
    I'm still loving that you made a blog - and the font looks great. ;)
    I love you sister and I hope you're having as much fun as it looks like!
    PS - I want some of those genie pants.

  2. So glad you are doing this! The JC was one of my best BYU experiences. Fall is the best time to be there! Way to rock the genie pants:) xo, Meagan

  3. Looks like you are having fun!! I love the genie pants!!